100+ Outstanding Presentation Topics & Tips for an A+

What is a presentation?

It is a speech in which you explain a specific topic to your target audience.

The presentation includes visuals such as pictures and graphs. Through presentation, you learn to put your knowledge into practice and understand how to communicate clearly and effectively.

In this article, you will find a list of 100+ topic ideas and tips to help you write a perfect presentation.

1.Topics for Different Types of Presentations

Persuasive presentations aim to convince the audience about the speaker’s point of view.

Here are some excellent persuasive excellent topics:

  1. Should colleges switch to all-electronic textbooks?
  2. The health sector in the US is chronically underfunded
  3. How can you make children eat more vegetables?
  4. Why should the advertisement of birth control pills be illegal?
  5. Reasons to Adopt a cashless method of payment
  6. Reasons why women should work in male-dominated fields
  7. Arguments against capitalism
  8. Why should the government ban tobacco smoke from public areas completely?
  9. Should the school allow the students to have mobile phones in school?
  10. Is the internet good for the human endeavor?
  11. Is gender-neutral parenting reasonable?
  12. Reality shows are exploiting young people
  13. Meditation is good for health and mind
  14. Individual characteristics that make a person likable
  15. Does tolerate deviant behavior makes a person criminal
  1. Why do bees make honey?
  2. Effects of Euro introduction to Greece
  3. Immigration: causes and effects
  4. What causes a volcanic eruption?
  5. Consequences of cloudburst
  6. Effects of alcohol in your body
  7. Plummet of stock market prices: Causes and effects
  8. What causes misogyny?
  9. How does the Internet influence the way we communicate?
  10. Effects of Marijuana on a person’s nervous system
  11. Causes and effects of water pollution
  12. Effects of tourism on the environment
  1. How to become a vegetarian?
  2. The smartest method to earn 100$ a day
  3. How did Obama become a president?
  4. Steps to change a car tire
  5. Describe the way to become a charismatic motivational speaker
  6. How to be an activist
  7. How do you prepare a delicious meal?
  8. What are the steps to construct a paper boat?
  9. How do you knit a jumper?
  10. Cooking a mouth-watering chicken stew
  11. How to save money for a house
  12. How to get started on freelancing
  13. How to build a business empire

In this section, you will find interesting topics involving physical and mental health, sports, and nursing.

  1. Symptoms and diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia
  2. What happens if your blood sugar is too high?
  3. Congenital disability: Causes and symptoms
  4. Skin problems treatment methods
  5. How do phobias develop?
  6. Effective ways to treat headaches
  7. Childhood obesity: Causes and symptoms
  8. The adverse effects of depression
  9. Medical imaging: Types and Modalities
  10. Do cochlear implants cure deafness?
  11. Health effects of a sedentary lifestyle
  12. Aphasia: Causes and treatment methods
  1. What are the benefits of medication management?
  2. Role of nurses in public health matters
  3. Ways for nurses to achieve work-life balances
  4. In what ways can nurses encourage someone to quit smoking?
  5. Health benefits of children vaccination
  6. Describe contemporary issues in pediatrics
  7. Nursing career opportunities
  8. Discuss the benefits of oncology nursing
  9. Analyze the various cancer treatment methods and their effectiveness
  10. Talk about how nurses can ensure patient’s safety
  11. Role of nurses in preventing cases of suicide in teenagers
  12. Discuss the moral distress of critical nurses

In this section, we will talk about the wonders of human nature and human invention. From general science to physics and technology

3.1. Perfect Science Topics for Presentation

  1. What are the main subfields of psychology?
  2. Explain how insect pollination works?
  3. Explain the structure of a fungi
  4. Genetic modifications: Types and its benefits
  5. Discuss interesting facts found in mars
  6. Talk about the different layers of the atmosphere
  7. How do we measure the chemical composition of stars?
  8. How does sleep affect your body?
  9. Compare and contrast between jovian and terrestrial planets
  10. Career opportunities of an ornithologist
  11. Describe the concept of graphology
  12. Google search engine: How does it work?
  13. Aurora: its phenomenon
  14. How do epigenetic affect behavior?
  1. Describe a brief history of quantum mechanics
  2. Present the modern research into extraterrestrial life
  3. Analytical dynamics: Theory and applications
  4. Compare and contrast quantum mechanics and general relativity
  5. What is dark matter?
  6. How do satellites work?
  7. How does space debris affect us?
  8. Do magnetic monopoles exist?
  9. Lightning: What causes it?
  10. What are the five-string theories?
  11. How is nuclear energy produced?
  12. Magnetic levitation: How does it work and its application
  13. How to build a crystal radio
  1. How will biological computing change our world?
  2. Describe the technology that made the first moon landing possible
  3. Describe the technology National Geographic used to film Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  4. Explain the evolution of storage devices
  5. How will 5G impact the Internet of Things?
  6. Present the Application of MEMS technology
  7. Compare and Contrast Bluetooth and Infrared technology
  8. Personal area network: How does it work?
  9. Types of electronic signatures and their application
  10. How do electric motors work?

4.Presentation Topics about Society and Sociology

Here, we will present topics related to communication and social sciences

  1. What are the dimensions of communications?
  2. Sign language in the UK: How did it develop?
  3. Modes digital communications and their limitations
  4. Describe the theory of the spiral of silence
  5. Explain the various types of interpersonal communication
  6. Present the development of mass communication in the past 50 years
  7. Autistic people: how do they lose the ability to speak?
  8. Characteristics of a good listener
  9. Skills of an effective speaker
  10. Communication anxiety: Treatment methods
  1. Why should we abandon conversion therapy?
  2. What is a witness protection program?
  3. Describe the gift-customs in Russia
  4. Is marriage still relevant in today’s society?
  5. Discuss the importance of dreams
  6. Compare and contrast sects and religious groups
  7. Describe the steps in action research
  8. Discuss the paradigms in social sciences
  9. Cliques in high school: how do they form?

5. How to Create an Outstanding Presentation

  1. To make your listeners pay attention to your presentation, make sure your work is appealing to their values and interests.

Make sure you choose a topic that you find interesting and enjoyable.

This will help you remain focused and have objectivity in your work.

They include:

➢ demonstrating facts and data

➢ Citing other people relevant research

➢ Talking about an anecdote

You can start it with

➢ Thought-provoking questions

➢ A relevant story

➢ Showing a quick experiment or concept

6. Wrap up your presentation with a conclusion that tells your audience a fact or question to think about.

7.Read your presentation loud to find logical errors and manage the pace of your speech.

8.Keep less info on your slides when using PowerPoint. Also, ensure your font size is big enough and everyone can read it.

We hope this article will help you find a perfect topic for your presentation. Good luck with your writing!

One more thing: You can ask for help here at Coursescholar if you find it difficult to make a perfect presentation. Our experts are ready and eager to help you with your work.



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