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Controversial essay topics are topics that evoke a variety of emotions and opinions. They often cause heated debates among different individuals. Moreover, these topics are a bit challenging and not easy to handle.
Do not stress out! We have got you covered. In this article, we will:
1. Help you select a controversial question for your essay.
2. Outline a list of 55 unique essay topics to choose from.
3. Show you how to tackle a debatable subject.
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Here are tips to help you to pick the right essay topic;
Brainstorm. Writing is easier if you find a topic that abides by your interests. So, take your time and think. Ask yourself these three questions.
[i] Are there any contemporary issues that you find interesting?
{ii} Was there any piece of information that made you emotional?
{iii} Is there a personal issue you could dwell into?

Research. Once you find the right topic, you can start researching. You can find information for your topic by reading articles and summaries. You can even ask your friends to assist you with a piece of information.

Credibility. Make sure the topic you choose is credible and support it with substantial evidence. Back your claims with proof to enhance the credibility of your topic.
Narrow your topic down. To narrow down your subject;
Limit it to a specific period (i.e., the 60s)
Focus on a specific location (i.e., in Europe)
Zoom in on single culture (i.e., African Americans)
Be unique. Stay clear from overused topics such as abortion and alcohol abuse.

2.Controversial Health Topics to write about

💡2.1.Controversial medical topic to write about

  1. Is it appropriate for diabetic people to inject insulin in public?
    2. Should we allow medical doctors to advertise abortion services openly?
    3. Should the government provide birth-control pills free of charge?
    4. Should the system of organ donation be opt-in or opt-out?
    5. Religious beliefs in way of medical treatment.

💡2.2. Controversial psychology topics for your paper

6. Does pornography affects a person’s sexuality?
7. How useful is online therapy to an individual?
8. Common reasons for self-harm
9. What are the psychological issues related to child spanking?
10. What is the efficacy of hypnotherapy?

💡2.3. Controversial nursing topics to research on?

11. Ethics of circumcision.12.Is giving birth at home dangerous?
13. Is it morally right for nurses to go on strike?
14. What is the role of social media in nursing practice?
15. Should commercial surrogacy be legal?

💡3.Controversial Topics in America to Write about

16.Racial discrimination and prejudice in America.

17. The political impact of BLM movements.
18. How can we solve racially based police brutality?
19. Is CNN or Fox News a reliable source of information?
20. Should the two-party system be abolished?
21. African-American women and higher education barriers
22. Does Affordable Care Act does more harm than good?
23. Should the government ban commercial advertisements of Phamature products?
24. Does the Us election system corresponds with modernity?
25. Impact of healthcare reforms in the US.

💡4.Controversial Science Topics to Dive into

26. Who and what is responsible for climate change?
27. Extinctions of dinosaurs; what caused it?
28. Why are animal rights important?
29. Do we need to store food supplements?
30. Should people boycott google for its privacy issues?
31. Do we surrender our right to privacy when we visit online websites?
32. Is Bio-engineered food the solution to end world hunger?
33. Does chemistry have the tools to revert climate change?
34. Are hybrid cars a sustainable alternative to classic cars?
35. Are we too dependent on technology?

💡5. Controversial Culture Essay Topics To Explore

36. Who benefits from copyright laws?
37. Is it insensitive to make fun of a certain religion?
38. Is it difficult for black artists to get recognition?
39. When does sampling become plagiarism?
40. How much do we learn about physics from The Big Bang Theory movie?
41. Do musicians and movie actors have to be role models?
42. How does pop culture influence our moral code?
43. When is censorship justified?
44. Should, the government allow graffiti in specific areas?
45. How does Sportify influence the music market?

💡6. Controversial Nutrition, Political, and Sports Essay Topics to Write About

46. Should all people go vegan?
47. Can fast food be healthy?
48.The global impacts of the Coca-Cola company
49. Is caffeine dangerous for your health?
50.The pros and cons of VAR
51. Should the sports environment be free of politics?
52. Is defunding the police department the key solution to secure social justice?
53. Should the EU be dissolved?
54. Discuss the consequences of adopting a cashless money system?
55. US national policy and federalism

How To Handle Controversial Essays

With all these thrilling ideas and topics, you are probably eager to start writing immediately. But first, make sure you know to handle such topics and issues appropriately. Here are some tips to help you get on the right track.

  • Be objective but not emotional. Take a definite stand on controversial topics. Your tone of writing should be opinionated rather than emotional.
  • Provide detailed support for your arguments.
  • The better support your claims have, the harder it is to prove you wrong.
  • Consider your audience. To be persuasive, figure out what your audience cares about. Knowing your audience helps you to write down your arguments accordingly.
  • Be ready to defend your opinions and ideas If you are asked to.

Now you have learned a lot about controversial topics. Use this information in your essay writing. We wish you good luck with your writing. In case you need help with any academic paper, just reach us via chat or phone call. We are eager and ready to help you. If you would like to know how to write an essay please read here is everything you should know about Writing an Essays. 6 Simple Steps and Examples

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