Narrative Essays: Simple Guide & Top Tips
4 min readMay 6, 2021


In your college and university education, you will be assigned various kinds of essays to complete. Sometimes you may find it difficult to differentiate between two similar papers. Students commonly confuse a narrative essay with a descriptive one. Narrative essays are a bit challenging, for they require fantasy and a writing style.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will show you the rules and techniques our experts use in writing a narrative essay. Moreover, we will share with you professional tips you can use to write your paper.

1.Writing a Narrative Essay: Getting Started

What is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay is a story about yourself or a story about somebody’s life.

You can share the story you’re to describe with somebody else. The person can have a different perspective about the fact; this adds some interesting details to your essay.

Here are some of the things to consider before you begin to write a narrative essay.

1.Planning phase: Choose a topic that correlates with your life experience.

2.The more passionate you are, the more effective your assignment is.

3.Try to recall details of your story: people, objects, events, and sequence. Smalls details reveal big ideas.

Let’s learn more about the narrative essay structure

2.Narrative Essay: Introduction

The introduction is the first part of your essay paper. It grabs your reader’s attention. In your introduction part:

  1. Start with a short and catchy introductory phrase.
  2. State the thesis statement
  3. Include supporting sentences that shows why the story you’re sharing is important.
  4. Be thoughtful and avoid writing useless details that will leave the reader wondering what your essay is all about.

3.Narrative Essay: Main Body


In this section, write your entire story in three or more body paragraphs.

To write a perfect narrative body:

  1. Indicate each idea per every paragraph.
  2. Follow a chronological logical pattern.
  3. Write and emphasize the significance of experiences in each paragraph.

4.Narrative Essay: Conclusion


The conclusion leaves the aftertaste for your essay.

How to write the narrative essay conclusion?

Well, here is the deal…

  1. You can also end it with a rhetorical question or plans for the future.
  2. Remind your readers about the central message of your essay.

5.Proofreading and Editing

Huh! You have done it! You have finished your assignment! Enjoy a little.


Revise and edit it. Ask yourself these questions when reviewing, reorganizing, and modifying your work:

  1. Does your target reader easily understand the progression of events? Or do the transitions confuse your reader?
  2. Do your experiences involve your readers? Or do your work contain details that distract their attention?


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6.Top Tips on Narrative Essay Writing

1.Keep your narrative essay simple and clear. Avoid using jargon or complex words.

2.Use an active voice and dynamic word. Don’t use passive constructions. Just think of your essay as a speech:

What words, idioms, phrases, or phrases would you use?

3.Use the first-person narrative. The use of ‘I’ in your essay will engage readers with an immediacy of the story.

4.Don't use a lot of references in your narrative essay. Just cite the useful piece of content in the reference list after the paper.

Thank you for visiting our website! Use the mentioned tips to write your paper. By doing, so you will be able to compose a perfect essay.

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