The Value of a Nursing Degree Essay

I hold the belief that an individual is only as good as their potential and willingness to learn and adopt to new social demands. This has been my personal creed for the last ten years and has shaped my professional perspective. This perspective is also the underlying reason why I chose to join healthcare and work as a nurse. I have always admired how diverse nursing is and the level of knowledge one is able to come across. As a nurse, I believe that each new challenging case is an opportunity to learn something new. It also means that I have to be ready to adopt new skills, which explains the reason why I have decided to join the Associate Degree in Nursing.

As I embark on my degree, the key educational goal is acquiring new skill and expertise. I would also like to get new perspectives on the provision of care by interacting with other students. I look forward to expanding my critical thinking skills in the course of my studies. Professionally, I would like to expand my ability to offer quality-based care. I also view the associate degree as a way of enhancing my career since the degree would allow me to apply for better jobs with higher salaries. Moreover, the degree will permit me to become a registered nurse and inform the next step I take in specialization.

Practicing nursing as a nurse assistant has allowed me to gain significant insight in the field. I am already aware that I cannot get higher than an assistant without a degree. Therefore, the degree is a step towards becoming something more than an assistant. I also know that being a registered nurse will allow me to gain some autonomy in practice. The degree provides me with an opportunity to make informed decisions on the better career options post-graduation. Most importantly, the degree will enhance my ability to use evidence-based practice, which is a valuable skill in a fast developing healthcare environment.

The degree is just the first step to becoming a registered nurse. Licensing is the next step, but is often considered much easier. Having a license provides an assurance that the holder is certified to practice as a nurse. It also serves as a mark of competence, since nurses are required to pass a set of tests before being issued with licenses. Additionally, it would allow an individual like me to offer higher level of care and coordination beyond that offered by nurse assistants. Essentially, having a license would require that I abide by certain regulations and state laws which will also make sure I competently serve the patients I attend to.

In many respects, nursing is a calling that requires discipline and dedication. It is also a skill that requires upgrading due to continuous changes in the healthcare. A degree in nursing combines the calling and the skilling by providing an opportunity to expand one’s understanding of their patients, regulations and practice. Such understanding is what I seek as I undertake the journey towards become a graduate.



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